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Post by Niv on Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:46 am

Niv enter to the ocker room and see Zar at the corner

The GM want a fight, me and know what thats mean right??

He want to end your step here in EWFW, and I accept the job

I can see the fear in your eyes, you wanna run away like a small mouse

I gonna tell you a secret, Really I dont mind what the GM want with you or with me,

But I only want to feel your Ugly Blood in my hands,

Youare only a stair in the long ladder of EWFW, I Know Im Gonna

Climb here more than all the wrestlers here, Because Im


Now you have 2 options:

-Leave the Roster and Never, NEVER Come Back
-Fight with me and feel How I end you Carrer

Its your Choise.....

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