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Wanna fight? Empty Wanna fight?

Post by Titá on Thu Jan 31, 2008 1:17 pm

A new member just arrived at the roster ready for some action with the best wrestlers present.He is interrupted in his way to the locker room by a reporter as he ask titá:

R-Hey newcomer what´s is you goal around this brand?
Titá-My goal in this brand is to always go up and up reaching what is most beloved in this brand!the title!!!

R-so are you here for the title?
Titá.Yes, i´m here for the most important thing in this business and that´s wearing gold around my waist ,so who steps in my path should have the respect i have for them ,and for that i challenge anyone in this brand for a warm up so i can begin my road to the championship..Stay well man!

And with this words it ended the conversation beetween the newcomer and the EWFW reporter.

Titá whish to anyone to make a challenge!Who could replie?


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