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Another Soul Joins the Fold Empty Another Soul Joins the Fold

Post by Bret Shayne on Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:13 pm

The camera opens up on a front porch. Itís night and a man is helping a young woman stand as she tries to unlock her front door with little success. The woman is giggling as she keeps dropping her keys and her hair is quite disheveled.

Woman: Man, those drinks sure packed a punch. Are you sure that you donít want to come in for a little nightcap?

Man: I donít really think I should. Youíre pretty smashed.

The dim scene on the porch suddenly goes dark and the world freezes except for the young man. He looks around and suddenly sees Bret Shayne and his female escort standing a few feet away. Bret is smiling as the woman plays with his ponytail. His long black trench coat conceals his dark suit but his crimson tie is evident around his neck.

Bret: Donít think you should?

Man: Who are you?

Bret: Just a guy, passing byÖ a guy who is here to help.

Man: Help?

Bret: Look at herÖ

Bret lightly kisses his escort and steps away from her. He walks up to the frozen in time drunk female and indicates her body with his hands.

Bret: This is a very beautiful woman, a very beautiful drunk woman. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that she is presenting to you. Go on, take it. You know, the only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it.

Man: ButÖ I barely even know her.

Bret: And? This isnít Vatican City, you are a virile young man in the prime of his life. You should be relishing every opportunity you can find to enjoy your life to itís fullest. This is a young woman who can show you pleasures that are illegal in 42 statesÖ go on. She may hate you and herself in the morning but what does that matter? Youíll be long gone by then anyway.

The man looks away for a moment before turning back with a smile on his face. Bret lets an evil grin cross his face and slaps a high five to the man before slipping him a small card. The camera cuts in close over the manís shoulder to reveal the message of the card: ďSin is in.Ē The man sticks the card in his pocket and looks up to nod towards Bret but he has already disappeared into the darkness. The world unfreezes and the man turns to the drunken woman.

Man: You know, maybe I will come in for that nightcap after all.

The two disappear into the house and Bret with his red haired escort stand at the end of the driveway. Sheís pressing her body against him as he wraps an arm around her shoulder.

Bret: And thatís what you call another devoted follower to the church of Shayne. One more down, so many more to go.

The camera fades to black as Bretís deep laugh echoes and his voice rings out ďSin is in, so let it begin,Ē And the words ďBret Shayne: Coming soon to the EWFW"

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