VYLANCE NEEDS NEW BLOOD! (read if u need rival)

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VYLANCE NEEDS NEW BLOOD! (read if u need rival) Empty VYLANCE NEEDS NEW BLOOD! (read if u need rival)

Post by Ultra Vylance on Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:19 am

*Ultra Vylance is sitting in his locker room in the dark, leaning forward and cradling his bat*

*Kathy knocks on the door and enters looking cautious*

KATHY: (with a quiver in her voice) "erm errm mr erm vylance, i hope im not disturbing you..*she taps Vylance on the shoulder, He slowly looks up at her and smiles a sick smile* "Vylance can i ask you about what worthy recently said about you?"

*Vylance grabs the mic and stares at the camera*

Worthy, we are team mates, were considered buddies but you know what keeps this team together?

Hatred! YEAH!

Whether that be hatred towards the fans, the power hungry GM, the "talent" on this roster, or the sushi from kendos bar! Man i hate that stuff! Or infact my hatred of you...

You think you're our leader just because your W/L record makes better reading! WELL! You know thats only half of the story, You have had ME helping you along the way, whereas in my career you have only helped me ONCE! And that was only repossesing my beloved bat from that fool post man pat!

You better learn worthy that if we face off in this company, il be taking as much of your blood as i can, no remorse.

But for now, i have to focus finding some new blood to take, Pat seems to have retired just before our match next week, funny that isnt it kathy? So if there are any fan loving peices of crap around here too scared to be in a fight already, im here for you! If everyone else is too scared im sure poor kathy LOOOOOVES VYLANCE!!! So its up to you EWFW you gonna come fight, or is kathy gonna have to pay for your weakness?

*Vylance stares into the camera and smiles, he then focuses on Kathy and static appears on screen*
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